Dyzrupt Ltd
1 min readJul 28, 2021

Dyzrupt LTD Makes Another Strategic Staff Addition.

An innovative, accomplished Multimedia Design professional with 7+ years of experienc in the complete design process, from conceptualisation to delivery. Key to his design portfolio is his ability to stretch the boundaries of digital
storytelling to help clients' brands stand out in today's competitive and crowded marketplace.

True to his name, "Bantubonke," a "people's person," Mr. Bantu approaches design with a spirit that values people and their needs, and professional relationships established and nurtured.

His creativity resonates with and is driven by exploring different individuals and entities in their element. Talking about his ethos, Mr. Bantu said, "The creative mind can be like a sponge; if you feed that curiosity and get involved with individuals and groups from whom you can learn, you continue to build your passion and interests for the design field."

Dyzrupt LTD believes Bantu will greatly enhance the Dyzrupt mission and brand.

Dyzrupt Ltd

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