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1 min readJul 26, 2021

Dyzrupt LTD Adds a Professional Marketing Group to the TEAM.

We are pleased to introduce to you HALP! MEDIA, a professional marketing group founded on old-school business principles and relationships, as Dyzrupt LTD's new marketing team!

HALP! MEDIA boasts of a combined 25 years of experience in activations, events, advertising, social media, and online marketing. In partnering with Dyzrupt LTD, the team's professional approach, vast experience, track record, and understanding of the local business culture collectively strengthen Dyzrupt's mission and brand. HALP! Media doesn’t just work with partners; "We will become an integral part of the fabric of Dyzrupt LTD and team," said HALP's representative.

You may wonder what HALP! stands for. HALP is defined as "a desperate way of saying help during emergency situations, where stressful events lead to mispronounciation of the word help. The word is often used in lolcat pictures."

HALP! MEDIA has successfully handled ordinary and complex marketing jobs, which have at times included" halping" or getting businesses out of crises.

The Dyzrupt community can expect to see an active and creative marketing agenda strategically executed to ensure that Dyzrupt LTD realises its mission and objectives.

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