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1. Listings

We have a plethora of questions on where our native $DYZ Token will be listed after the Sale. A few others have been concerned about the Listing within our own DApp and have sought clarity on it.

⁃ Our Business Model’s success is predicated on mainstream adoption by everyday Africans and hence every single decision we have made to this effect has been on the basis of Demographic Data. We make informed decisions based on empirical data gathered from our years of experience working with women across the board. Now to break this down, we will have a huge Adoption Resistance, if for instance we are to tell “Newbies” who want to apply for our Funding to go to Binance , or Huobi Global or AscendEX or any other exchange for that matter to use their “advanced” Trading Platform to access our Tokens, Send it to our DApp in order to apply or even access the Voting system we have. However most African Countries have credible P2P platforms (Luno in South Africa, in Nigeria, in Ghana etc) where they can simply access ETH with a click via (mobile money and banking integrations), and receive it in their Dyzrpupt DApp and another click Swaps it for them and they are in play within the ecosystem. Breaking adoption resistance is very key to our overall success as an Ecosystem.

2. Will the $DYZ Token be listed on other Exchanges?

⁃ The answer is a BIG YES. Talks are already underway to get listed on Top Tier Exchanges in the near future. As much as we are concerned about our primary Target Audience, we are also concerned about the more experienced Crypto enthusiasts or Investors who by virtue of their believe in the project will want to invest or trade it for Financial Gains as this is a very viable benefit of our ecosystem, and so we will definitely be listed on Exchanges to allow for the Trade of our Token across other platforms. The times of Listings will be communicated once due processes are done and listings are confirmed.

3. Why the Waves Blockchain?

We choose waves strategically because it complements our project with the qualities listed below

⁃ No Token Duplication

⁃ Fast Transactions

⁃ Almost non-existence fee

Consider this:

Dyz-Awe is the core of the project and DyzAwe is based on Applications and Community Voting;

Eg : No African will want to vote on the ETH network and use $0.50 to vote , but pay TX fees of 24$

1. Use Cases


Cryptocurrencies gain their value based on the scale of community involvement, such as user demand, scarcity, and token utility.

The inbuilt utility and the limited supply of our token may increase the demand thereby increasing its value overtime. Here are a significant list of Services and Products, you will need the $DYZ Token to be able to access.

- DYZ-AWE Application

- DYZ-AWE Voting

- DECIA Access

- DEFI Staking


Let us consider Dyz-AWE, which is central to the success of the Dyzrupt ecosystem. With Dyz-AWE, women aged 18–45 years are eligible to apply for competitive funding (US$30, 000). Each applicant must first own a minimum of $10 worth of DYZ tokens.

Given that there are approximately 680 million women on the African continent, and at least 50% of them are over 18 years old, even if we achieve an adoption rate of 0.5% of the 50%, the demand for the token would skyrocket and this is a single use case.

5. DYZ-SWAP Staking and Revenue Sharing Module (Stakers Rewards)

⁃ This is a breakdown of of our ETH/USDN Revenue Sharing module: Up to 80% of all Transaction Fees charged in ETH & USDN will be shared proportionally with $DYZ Stakers.

DEFI (STAKING): Staking $DYZ Tokens.

- 5% Staking Fees

- 10% Unstaking Fees

- Stakers get to claim Rewards Daily without necessarily Unstaking.

- The 5% In and 10% Out is distributed to Stakers propotionally.

2. Marketing (Q20)

⁃ Long list of AMAs

⁃ Media Tour Across 6 Focus Countries with reach to the other 10

⁃ Huge African Celebrity & Influencer Partnerships (1st Announcement Next Week)

⁃ Crypto Influencers and Influencer Groups Engagement

⁃ A 13-Week TV Roll out with Reach across the Continent on DYZ-AWE in Q2.

⁃ Learn & Earn

3. How Does the endorsement by the South African Embassy & Ambassador impact the success of this Project?

Some African countries are littered with Crypto Bans from governments almost on a daily basis. Just last week, the Moroccan government banned bitcoin. This is the reason why a Government Endorsement is super bullish for 3 Reasons.

1. It makes our project safe in relation to compliance across specific countries.

2. It opens the doors for other governments to work with Dyzrupt because of the unique nature of our value proposition and because the South African government by extension has already endorsed it.

3. South Africa is a key focus country with a female population of around 29.7 Million, with a whooping 31% being entrepreneurs according to a latest report from (SMES South Africa), this partnership opens the doors to utilise government channels and data to reach the maximum number of women in the country to use our platforms.

We are available 24/7 to answer all your questions and engage in fruitful dialogue in bringing all our community members and investors to fully understand everything we do as an ecosystem.





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