The Dyzrupt Sponsored Athlete Programme Strengthened – Youssouf Kasongo Mwanza

Dyzrupt LTD makes another strategic instalment to its repertoire of sponsored professional athletes. Another piece to a growing group of professional athletes the company will be collaborating with has thus been successfully added.

The company is excited to announce a…

Dyzrupt LTD is building a firm foundation: A sports celebrity signed.

We are excited to announce the signing of EFC Fighter Stephan de la Rey, as part of our Dyzrupt Sponsored Athletes Programme. Mr. de la Rey has been involved in the development of Mixed Martial Arts on the continent, being part of multiple amateur promotions as a coach, mentor, organiser, or match maker.

We are looking forward to contributing to his professional sport and business development.

In this venture, we will collaborate in expanding Dyzrupt's reach and commitment to enhancing lives on the continent.

Dyzrupt. Liberating Africans, changing lives!

Dyzrupt LTD Makes Another Strategic Staff Addition.

An innovative, accomplished Multimedia Design professional with 7+ years of experienc in the complete design process, from conceptualisation to delivery. …

A Dynamic Entrepreneur Appointed as Chief Communications Officer at Dyzrupt Ltd.

With the latest movement of Dyzrupt operations into the South African market, the company has taken a strategic decision to reshuffle staff to more effectively fulfill its mandate. …

Dyzrupt LTD Adds a Professional Marketing Group to the TEAM.

We are pleased to introduce to you HALP! MEDIA, a professional marketing group founded on old-school business principles and relationships, as Dyzrupt LTD's new marketing team!

HALP! MEDIA boasts of a combined 25 years of experience in activations, events, advertising…

1. Listings

We have a plethora of questions on where our native $DYZ Token will be listed after the Sale. A few others have been concerned about the Listing within our own DApp and have sought clarity on it.

⁃ Our Business Model’s success is predicated on mainstream adoption by…

Dyzrupt Ltd

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